23rd Liberty Foundation
Golf Invitational Virtual Edition


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Million raised Since 1996

First Virtual Golf Tournament in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Liberty Foundation will use an innovative approach to host its annual golf tournament. The 23rd Liberty Foundation Golf Invitational - A New Reality Tournament will take place as a virtual reality game on Friday, December 4, 2020 at a virtual golf course created exclusively for the tournament.

“This tournament is significant since it is the first time that a golf tournament will be held in virtual form in Puerto Rico or across the Caribbean. Because of the pandemic and the Governor’s executive order, we could not hold the regular tournament as we normally get many participants who travel to Puerto Rico just for the event. Nonetheless, our intent on holding an event in some shape or form will become a reality in order to raise funds for our beneficiaries and keep our commitment to the organizations that we support at the foundation, especially this year,” said Naji Khoury, president and CEO of Liberty Puerto Rico and Liberty Foundation’s president. “Thanks to this innovative technology, we are able to celebrate our key fundraising activity in an alternate way, while we continue making a positive impact in our society.”

VR Golf Training Registration

Please sign up before the tournament starts on December 4th.

Day Registration Link
Dec. 1, Tuesday @ 9AM AST Register
Dec. 1, Tuesday @ 3PM AST Register
Dec. 1, Tuesday @ 8PM AST Register
Dec. 2, Wednesday @ 9AM AST Register
Dec. 2, Wednesday @ 3PM AST Register
Dec. 2, Wednesday @ 8PM AST Register
Dec. 3, Thursday @ 9AM AST Register
Dec. 3, Thursday @ 3PM AST Register
Dec. 3, Thursday @ 8PM AST Register

How to play VR Golf

FAQ for Players and Sponsors

Yes! You may contact our support team via Whatsapp at the following number: +1(484)-240-1232
You can learn how to play three ways:

1. You can watch this video tutorial.
2. Enter the game and go through the in-game tutorial.
3. Download this PDF document and read through the instructions.

We recommend you do all three.
Yes, Oculus Quest 2 requires a Facebook account to operate it.
You can find an instructional video HERE, but if you’re in a hurry, here are the basics:

Step 1 - Input your Login code in the main menu
Step 2 - Select your avatar
Step 3- Select your dominant hand
Step 4a - If you’re TEAM CAPTAIN
You must enter your Match CODE and select “Create Game”
Step 4b - If you’re a TEAM MEMBER
You will receive a Match CODE from the Team Captain and select “Join Game”
Your Login Code is essentially your ID number, and it will be given to you via email.

Your Match Codes are a series of numbers you will also receive via email, and it is what you will use as “Team Captain” to “Match” into multiplayer with other players.

If you haven't your codes, contact support via Whatsapp +1 (484)-240-1232.
While playing with your Team
  • - Each team is made-up of four people. A Team Captain and three Team Members.
  • - Each team will play through all 9 courses.
  • - The team will pass from one course to the next once the last player drives their ball into the cup.
  • - While playing with your team, you will be competing against each other. However, the score that will compete on the tournament is the TEAM’S SCORE.

After you have finished your game
  • - You will be notified if your team advances to the next round.
  • - Teams get to keep playing until a winner is decided by elimination.

What if there’s a tie?
- If a tie occurs, the teams will play a second game.
That is because this game needs to be installed manually. Please, refer to the instructions HERE or, if you already installed the game and still can’t find it in your oculus, look for it under Apps > Unknown Sources. If the game was installed successfully on your Quest, it should appear there. If not, check SideQuest for any errors and try to install it again.